1. The crucial relevance of data quality for ethical AI: Discussing the case of automated job interviewing
    Lou T. Brandner, Frauke Rostalski, Philipp Mahlow, Anna Wilken, Annika Wölke, Hazar Harmouch, and Simon D. Hirsbrunner
    (under review) 2023
  2. How Data Quality Determines AI Fairness: The Case of Automated Interviewing
    Lou T. Brandner, Philipp Mahlow, Anna Wilken, Annika Wölke, Hazar Harmouch, and Simon D. Hirsbrunner
    European Workshop on Algorithmic Fairness (EWAF2023) 2023
  3. Ein Glossar zur Datenqualität
    Sedir Mohammed, Lou Brandner, Sebastian Hallensleben, Hazar Harmouch, Andreas Hauschke, Jessica Heesen, Stefanie Hildebrandt, Simon David Hirsbrunner, Julia Keselj, Philipp Mahlow, Felix Naumann, Frauke Rostalski, Anna Wilken, and Annika Wölke
    Mar 2023
  4. Joint Proceedings of Workshops at the 49th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB 2023), Vancouver, Canada, August 28 - September 1, 2023
    Mar 2023


  1. The Effects of Data Quality on Machine Learning Performance
    Lukas Budach, Moritz Feuerpfeil, Nina Ihde, Andrea Nathansen, Nele Sina Noack, Hendrik Patzlaff, Felix Naumann, and Hazar Harmouch
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    Hazar Harmouch, Thorsten Papenbrock, and Felix Naumann
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  1. Single-column data profiling
    Hazar Harmouch
    Mar 2020


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    Falco Dürsch, Axel Stebner, Fabian Windheuser, Maxi Fischer, Tim Friedrich, Nils Strelow, Tobias Bleifuß, Hazar Harmouch, Lan Jiang, Thorsten Papenbrock, and Felix Naumann
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  1. Discovery of genuine functional dependencies from relational data with missing values
    Laure Berti-Equille, Hazar Harmouch, Felix Naumann, Noël Novelli, and Saravanan Thirumuruganathan
    PVLDB Mar 2018


  1. Cardinality estimation: an experimental survey
    Hazar Harmouch, and Felix Naumann
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    Sebastian Kruse, Thorsten Papenbrock, Hazar Harmouch, and Felix Naumann
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  1. Evaluating four of the most popular open source and free data mining tools
    Ahmad Al-Khoder, and Hazar Harmouch
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